• Instead of Stecurenko Latvian kickboxer Dzhavadov will fight Balik

    Due to injury of the world ex-champion Russian fighter Stecurenko (53-13, 26 KO), the 5th of November Latvian best welterweiht kickboxer European champion Zaur “Latvian Ninja” Dzhavadov (28-10-1, 17 KO) will fight against European Muay Thai champion German Mehmet Ali Balik (28-9, 16 KO) in “Arena Riga”.

  • Interview with Raimond Aukstikalnis before KOK World GP 2016 in Riga

    Raimond Aukstikalnis: «November 5th, I’ll show you the fastest nockout in the history of Latvia».

    Light heavyweight fighter Raimond Aukstikalnis discussed with «CSI Sport news» his upcoming fight against German light heavyweight champion Kevin Brenda in KOK WORLD GP 2016 IN RIGA.

    — This fight should adorn my career, — told Raimond. — On the 5th November, we will make history. I’m going to be the fastest light heavyweight fighter in Latvia. Read more

  • Interview with Zaur Dzhavadov before KOK World GP 2016 in Riga

    One of the most renowned Latvian fighters Zaur Dzhavadov will meet Mehmet Ali Balik from “Memo Gun”gym in the tournament «KOK WORLD GP 2016 IN RIGA» on November the 5th. Mehmet Ali Balik is the world champion and European Pro champion in Muay Thai and multiple German champion in K-1 and Muay Thai.

    Zaur, what would you tell about your opponent?

    Well, we have started investigating him. I’m sure that due to the Turkish origin he will definitely Read more

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