Interview with Raimond Aukstikalnis before KOK World GP 2016 in Riga


Raimond Aukstikalnis: «November 5th, I’ll show you the fastest nockout in the history of Latvia».

Light heavyweight fighter Raimond Aukstikalnis discussed with «CSI Sport news» his upcoming fight against German light heavyweight champion Kevin Brenda in KOK WORLD GP 2016 IN RIGA.

— This fight should adorn my career, — told Raimond. — On the 5th November, we will make history. I’m going to be the fastest light heavyweight fighter in Latvia. I realize that hard work is forward and I’m concentrating on it now. There are many things to follow: the diet, special trainings, selection of sparring partners. I have no time to rest. I’m working hard and I’m glad to inform you that everything is going on as it was planned.