Interview with Zaur Dzhavadov before KOK World GP 2016 in Riga


One of the most renowned Latvian fighters Zaur Dzhavadov will meet Mehmet Ali Balik from “Memo Gun”gym in the tournament «KOK WORLD GP 2016 IN RIGA» on November the 5th. Mehmet Ali Balik is the world champion and European Pro champion in Muay Thai and multiple German champion in K-1 and Muay Thai.

Zaur, what would you tell about your opponent?

Well, we have started investigating him. I’m sure that due to the Turkish origin he will definitely be aggressive, he will strike a lot of punches and will attack all the time. That’s exactly what spectators need!

Are you preparing any special tactics for this fight?

The tactic is always the same – everything in sake of the win! Regarding to this fight, my coach Saulus Sheikis is composing a proper tactic. He always does it according to each opponent, and I try to fulfill it in the ring. However, I can’t reveal the tactics of the upcoming fight yet. You’ll see everything in “Arena Riga” on the 5th of November!

At the same KOK nigh, the final 4-men-tournament under 71 kg is taking place. What’s your prediction about it’s winner?

The participants of the final 4-men-tournament are very different. Cristian Dorrel is very experienced, it is his advantage. Belorussian fighter always shows an interesting technique. The Netherlander is really tough. Ian Naus trains together with strong guys from “Sparta Gym”. So, any of them can win, each of them has his own advantage. The only common thing is that all the guys is going to fight till the end to become the champion.

They call you “Latvian Ninja”. Why? Who gave you such a nickname?

I don’t know exactly, someone of those who trains in our sport club. I think that’s because ninja are silent and dangerous. I neither like to talk much before a fight. I don’t make predictions regarding my coming fights. Maybe it reminds ninja. Take into consideration that I live in Latvia and represent Latvia. So, I am Latvian Ninja!

Would you like to say something to your fans?

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who supports me. I seldom fight in Riga, so the fight on November 5th is very important to me. I’d like to make this fight spectacular and graceful – as my gratitude to all my fans!