Firefighter Aukstikalnis becomes one of the KOK stars


Latvian firefighter Raimonds Aukstikalnis will fight at KOK World GP 2017 Final on the 2d of December.

On December 2, the next King of Kings tournament takes place in the concert hall „Arena Riga” in Riga. Actually two tournaments are held during the fighting show: MMA Bushido Pro Championship and KOK World GP 2017 Final.

To participate in the finals of the World Grand Prix “KOK’52” the best fighters have been selected throughout the year.

At the previous KOK’50 tournament on October 28, four athletes won the middleweight eight-men-tournament (-85 kg). Those winners are going to fight for the right to pretend the World Champion title on December 2.   Latvian representative Raimonds Aukstikalnis will fight against Nikolay Belozertsev (Russia) and Mike Sprangh (Netherlands) vs Rafael De Souza (Brazil).

By the way, Aukstikalnis works at the Latvian Fire and Rescue Service. All the fans remember his brilliant win on October 28. The audience’s level of joy rose to ecstatic when Raimond knocked out his German opponent in the first round.

In addition to the above mentioned four-men tournament fighters there will be many other good rating matches on December 2: both KOK and MMA fights. Latvian K-1 fans will enjoy their favorite „Latvian Ninja” Zaur Dzavadov.